Cloud-based security services from ION247 make your business safer and reduce security operational costs by scaling your systems to match your specific needs including  Intrusion Protection & Detection, Access Control, and Video Management Services.  ION247 provides you with the peace of mind that your assets are secure.   For more complex integrated Physical Security Solutions ION247 leverages the Secure Thinking of our parent Company STAR Asset Security.

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The weakest link in your physical security system is the back door. Usually hidden from view, it can be an entry point for criminals and an escape for stolen goods. Our systems can help you identify trusted personnel and deliveries before you open the door to a problem.

Openings and closings are vulnerable periods, as the number of staff on hand is usually smaller, there is usually a significant amount of cash on hand and attention to security is low. We can help you make sure that the area is clear before you unlock the door, and see you safely to and from your vehicle.

Another area of concern is often the opening of the on-site safe, where cash reserves make a tempting target for thieves. Our integrated security services can monitor these actions and make the money-handling process more secure.

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Our access control systems let you decide who has access to your facilities, and tracks where they go once inside. All of our systems and components work together seamlessly, giving you precise controls via the web. This allows your system to be efficiently managed from off-site locations.

ION247’s control stations, door controllers, and proximity readers use badges, key fobs, ID cards and even biometrics to identify and track both employee and visitor traffic through a customizable software system that gives you complete control. This makes it easy for you to quickly grant or revoke access to employees and visitors as needed in specific areas, or to your entire system via the web, smartphone, or tablet.

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Event-based video monitoring is a proactive solution to alleviate the daily pain points associated with preventing vandalism, theft or intrusions at your building. CCTVs are empowered with virtual perimeter tripwire and thresholds are set in place so the moment an intruder steps onto the property, our team is alerted. With our voice-down feature, we can speak directly to potential intruders to mitigate threats and dispatch authorities only when necessary.


Video verification is not only becoming commonplace, but in many areas it is required before police are alerted and dispatched in response to an incident. ION247’s support technicians are trained to look for suspicious behavior, and are capable of relaying pertinent information to the police. However, not every circumstance requires the intervention of authorities. ION247 offers many services aimed at convenience while increasing quality of life.

Researchers have found that over 97% of all alarms called into police every night, are false. For many jurisdictions, multiple false alarms will result in fines or even a delayed response time.

ION247 is always committed to providing value to our customers but, we are also a service to law enforcement. A video verified alarm by ION247 with police will decrease the average response time and increase priority to dispatch units. Fines will become a thing of the past thanks to video verification.


Additionally, gate and building attendants can be expensive. ION247’s Virtual Concierge service allows our technicians to authorize remotely and provide access to your business or neighborhood. Owners and employees can pre-authorize guests to facilitate a hassle-free entry onto the property.


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