We have found that retail locations struggle to manage all of their technology assets across a portfolio. How does store personnel decide who to call when something happens to the technology? How do technology issues affect the store budget or sales? We answer these questions with a fixed monthly cost that takes care all technology issues.

ION247 is a perfect fit for retailers looking for cost-effective ways to control access to secure areas or to enable dark delivery. ION247′ Software as a Service (SaaS) offering gives retailers a way to manage multiple locations from a single account, while working within constraints acceptable to IT departments. With video fully integrated into the hosted access control solution, retailers have an option for affordable video, easily deployed in one location or thousands.


  • One Vendor for all IT, physical security, and video monitoring needs for one store or the entire chain.
  • Everything is included – we aren’t going to nickel and dime you. There aren’t any extra charges.
  • One flat fee – no surprise bills, no hourly charges. Your IT costs are predictable. You can budget for the whole year in January and be confident what your IT costs will be for the entire year!
  • Cloud approach – we believe that retail businesses thrive when they adopt a cloud-based approach to business. We will help you evaluate opportunities to move your business applications to the web.
  • Turn on Mobile – empower store managers, regionals, and corporate staff with mobile device access to company data. We support those devices.


  • Keep Staff Productive.  Proactive monitoring of your computers, servers and network. We monitor your IT systems to make sure you don’t have issues, or if you do, that we catch those issues before they become big problems.  Includes security services like anti-virus software, updates maintenance, and web filtering.
  • No Charging by the Hour.  Unlimited support desk tickets. We are standing by to assist with any technical issues you may have.
  • Trusted IT Advisement.  Technology planning services. Thinking about implementing new tools in your business? We are available to help with strategy and planning for your technology needs. It’s all included with your flat-fee service.


  • Amazing Scalability & Flexibility – You need a flexible system to accommodate your changing needs and diversified business model. ION247′ on demand system allows retail managers to scale the system back or forward because you only pay for what you use. Quickly add or remove store locations, storage rooms, loading docks, and employees. From one console you may manage businesses of all types and sizes, including small store fronts or enterprise retail organizations with multiple locations and access points.
  • Chain-wide Security & Surveillance – Implement electronic access control across all sites, regardless of location, through a centralized, web-based platform. Tiered administration makes it easy to enable corporate, regional, and local control.
  • Reduce Internal Shrinkage – Ensure loss prevention and protect merchandise from theft. In the ION247 system, you can configure employee groups to restrict access to specific store rooms and inventory.
  • Fine Grain Control – Remotely open or close doors or several locations at once. ION247 allows you to immediately provision access points and users from anywhere, at any time and through a computer or mobile device. Manage who goes where and when within each store and facility. Control access points to high-value storage areas. ION247’s reporting feature maintains an audit trail so you may see which employees accessed specific points of entry.
  • Monitor Productivity – Monitor store open and close times and employee behavior, even during off-hours and at remote locations. With ION247, there are no geographic restraints—access the system from any device or browser at any time. So you may monitor staff at regional, national and international levels. Monitor subcontractor performance, like cleaning crews, maintenance or concession providers. Moderate operational logistics like delivery patterns by tracking who enters and exits key doors through the ION247
    activity log.
  • Emergency Response and Crisis Management – Ensure the safety of your staff and customers. With the ION247 system, you can send and receive alert notifications, restrict entry, remote lockdown, and more – online from your computer or mobile device, 24/7.


  • Cost Savings – Remote video monitoring cuts down on security personnel at a store.
  • Staff Safety – Video surveillance allows owners to see what happened, video monitoring dispatches when it is happening.
  • Door or Gate Access – Remote call down can provide monitored and controlled entrance to inventory area.
  • Cash Drawer – Monitor cash drawer activities from anywhere.


  • Each computer on your network will have our software agent installed, allowing us to monitor the health of the machine. If there’s ever a problem, our network operations center will receive an alert.
  • Our team will investigate the situation and resolve the issue. If the problem is something that requires us to remotely access your computer, we’ll contact you to arrange a convenient time for us to do so.
  • Reduce your IT security costs, by bundling anti-virus, update maintenance, and web filtering service. These services are imperative to keeping your user’s productive
  • 24/7 and follow the sun support is available for clients that require support beyond US Eastern Time Zone business hours.


  • Phone call – Your support desk team is standing by at 844-ION-2474 (466-2474).
  • Portal – You can log a ticket in our client portal accessible from our website.


Call us at (844) 466-2474 or email us today to speak to a Managed IT Services expert.