Cybersecurity IT Services For Your Business

Cybersecurity IT Services For Your Business

Focus on your business and allow us to secure it. Invest in cybersecurity for the future of your operation.

What Is Cybersecurity? 

Cybersecurity is the act of protecting a business’s software and technologies from cyberattacks and unauthorized intrusions. Investing in cybersecurity is one of the most important measures an organization can make in regards to the safety and reputation of their business. Cyberattacks typically aim to commit online fraud, change or destroy sensitive information, extort money from victims or hack business assets. 

The cost associated with these crimes can be steep, which is why you want to hire a company, like ION247, to prevent these concerns before they become problems. It’s also important to be well-versed in the general landscape of these attacks and what it can cost your business. Cybersecurity issues such as viruses, ransomware, malware, etc. are among the various concerns that can arise when a business isn’t prepared. 

Understanding Cybersecurity Threats 

The best way to prepare the fight against cybersecurity threats is to be informed about the signs. When you know what kind of activity to look for, it becomes much easier to identify cybercriminals in action. We’re sharing some of those signs with you below: 

  • Computer Viruses: As one of the most well-known cybersecurity threats, computer viruses aim to alter the way the computer operates without notifying the user. 
  • Spyware Threats: A spyware computer threat is a program that monitors online activity and often installs programs without your consent in order to steal personal information. 
  • Phishing: Phishing is the act of disguising oneself as a trustworthy source and then attempting to steal sensitive financial information through a fraudulent email or direct message. 
  • Ransomware: Ransomware threats are becoming more and more common, where users are locked out of their systems until a ransom is paid to the cybercriminal. 

How Can Your Business Benefit From Cybersecurity? 

As an IT & Security Managed Services Provider, ION247 implements the appropriate technology solutions to match your risk profile and we create IT policies for your company. Baseline solutions include endpoint protection, web content filtering, systems patch management, and firewall policy management. Additional solutions include employee awareness, training and testing, system logging and correlation, and real-time event monitoring and response.

We engage as needed to protect your system. Whether it be regularly scheduled assessments and audits of your current systems, helping you implement full endpoint solutions and remediations, or bundle as managed services. To invest in cybersecurity today, contact us to request a quote! ION247 is ready to secure your assets with solutions that are scaled to fit your business needs.

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